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济宁尚恩护栏专业制作 锌钢护栏、镀锌护栏、塑钢护栏、PVC护栏、道路护栏、公路护栏、市政护栏、基坑、铁马护栏、护栏网、围栏、栏杆、围墙、栅栏。各种材质 铸铁、铁艺、镀锌、玛钢。厂家批发,以多种经营和薄利多销的原则,赢得了广大客户的信任。主要市场:济宁,曲阜,兖州,邹城,微山,鱼台,金乡,嘉祥,汶上,泗水,梁山。公司以服务社会为己任,致力于研制开发,追求可持续发展。公司不仅把高科技、高质量的产...
  • 市政护栏的安装注意事项
    Jining Municipal Guardrail can not only prevent people or animals from crossing the highway with traffic flow, but also has strong impact resistance, which can prevent more damage when vehicles rush out of the road in the event of accidents. Therefore, the installation of Jining municipal guardrail needs very fine operation and treatment. In the process of installation of guardrail network, every important step needs repeated detection. In the process of installation, the guardrail network should maintain high-quality installation results, otherwise the subsequent use process is prone to failure. The manufacturer teaches you the matters needing attention in the installation of Jining municipal guardrail:
    1. Jining Municipal Fence will be installed before the size of the site is good, the installation process needs to use the mold, the mold should be kept clean, so that in the installation process will not affect the quality of fence installation. When installing the fence net, we should measure the length of the fence net and the length of the reinforcing bar in advance, so as to avoid the shortage of the fence net in the process of installation.
    2. The installation of Jining Municipal Guardrail is a complete installation, which can not be installed in a piecemeal way. Therefore, the size of the installation must be measured accurately before installation. In the process of installation, we should ensure the straightness of the fence material; after installation, we should carefully check to avoid hollow problems.
    3. The installation of Jining Municipal Guardrail must be carried out by professional installation workers. In the process of installation operation, it needs to be very careful, so as to ensure that the installation of guardrail is more durable.
    1. 物流配送
    2. 付款方式
    预付定金 款到发货
    3. 退换货政策
    保修期内 除人为损坏外 包退包换
    After sale instructions
    1. Logistics Distribution
    Car Parking, Large Chartered Cars
    2. Payment method
    Advance Deposit on Delivery
    3. Return and Exchange Policy
    Within the warranty period, the outsourcing will be returned and replaced except for man-made damage.
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  • 锌钢护栏厂家该如何发展
    Zinc steel guardrails are made of zinc alloy materials for different parts and different functions. In the later stage, zinc steel guardrails will be electrostatic sprayed to treat the surface layer, so that they have the advantages of high strength, high hardness, exquisite appearance and bright color, and become the mainstream products used in residential areas, factories, colleges, road traffic and so on.
    Traditional guardrails use iron bars, which need the help of welding technology, and the texture is soft, easy to rust, single color. Zinc steel balcony guardrail perfectly solves the shortcomings of traditional guardrail, and its price is moderate. It has become an alternative product of traditional guardrail materials. Zinc steel guardrails are made of zinc steel by means of non-welding and insertion combination. I will tell you that the thickness of the base material is 2-3 times that of stainless steel. More than 500 colors are available. The surface is electrostatic sprayed with polyester antioxidant powder, which enhances the anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, weathering and corrosion resistance of the guardrails. Zinc steel guardrail takes advantage of its strengths and avoids its weaknesses. It stands out in the era of fierce competition and has received the favor of consumers. This is the zinc steel guardrail, which will create the next guardrail legend.
    A large enterprise specializing in the production of zinc steel fence, iron fence, PVC plastic steel fence, European fence, road fence and other products. Our factory has advanced production equipment, high standard surface treatment technology, and strict quality management standards, the implementation of an all-round quality system guarantee. Our factory can customize all kinds of products according to customers'requirements to meet the needs of different levels.
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